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holding on to the tube


and here’s 1 more. :P
spooky one


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here’s 1 more. :P


new mp3

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soon. soon. soon.
a new album will be available very soon


fatboy slim live on brighton beach will launch raffblog later today.


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it is i

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hi again.
how are you fokes?
hope all doing fine.
i miss all my firends very much, and i want to let them know i still remember all the great time we had together. it’s friday today and the british tradition tells me to go to a pub. and so shall i do then. tomorrow i will take some pictures in canary wharf and some other major sights of london. you should be seeing them on this website quite shortly.

how are you today?
i am quite a happy camper because THE friday is comming, and that means that ‚the weekend is landing, and all ‚dt’ egzists now are pubs, …, and parties’. oh, hell yeah. i’m going to have fun ;)
wish you all the same.
if anyone whant’s a postcard from london, drop me your address at:
take care now
and remember to HAVE FUN!!!!!!

x x x

i have changed the looks of the website because i seem to have a problem with my design.
it will stay default for the timebeing.

sorry for beeing such na asshole, and forgeting about you all. for those of you who don’t know what i’m doing right now: i’m working in a language school in london. i just had my friend cypiz coming over. we now enjoy london as much as we can. i should be taking some pictures shortly, so you will be the first ones to see them. i’m aware of the fact that some of you are quite angry with me because i have completely forgoten about my web log and i had no time to update the mp3 section as well. i want to make it up to you, i just have the hardest time thinking how to do it. if you think of something – let me know. so, as i said before, pictures shoud be here soon. far enough. let’s change the subject from what i don’t do onto what i do do ;)
except working very hard i have had some time to enjoy some sights of london. i haven’t seen too many things so far, but will do, i promise. all i do now is:
sleeping until 10 a.m. cause i start work at 11 a.m., watching television till late night every day (i do recommend the graham norton show – boy, he knows how to make you die laughing)
during the weekend (i’ve had only one so far) i didn’t do a thing. well, not mentioning picking up cypiz from victoria coach station and going over to percy’s (an 80 year old friend from natural history museum) to help him with his computer.
thank you all for the text messages and phonecalls i am receiving , not to mention the e-mails. i am trying to answer them all, but it takes some time. don’t get angry with me. i will contact you as soon as i can. ok, i will write something more readable soon. sorry for all the crap said in this log. didn’t have enough invention. take care.

pa pa

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moi drodzy
czas na mnie
za kilka godzin bede w drodze na wakacje.
wreszcie jade odpoczac i pracowac.
jednak nie martwcie sie.
w londynie mam dostep do sieci zarowno w pracy jak i w domu.
bede czesto wpadal i uzupelnial blog’a.
zycze wam milych wakacji.
bawcie sie dobrze.

znowu jestem farbowanym blondynem


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