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Wpisy z okresu: 8.2002


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rozdarlem sobie kurde spodnie nie nie nie nie nie. co ja teraz mam zrobic? jak ja dojade do domu? niewazne w sumie. tutaj moge nawet jechac w rozowym kozuchu, i tak nikt nie zwroci na to uwagi. jade do domu, pa.

………………………..lines ;)

my work

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hi. how’s every1?
it’s 7 p.m. and I am sitting at work, re-designing the look of the cgi part of the website I’m working on. Once in a while some people come around and ask me if I know where Flower (my co-worker) is. The phone rings every 10 minutes. All I can hear is: hello…I would like to know the price for your 2 week intensive English course… IT’S SO BORING… working @ a language school is so time-wasting, but at the same time it’s a great work experience. I get to know various nationalities, their likes and dislikes, their culture. The best thing about it is that I make lots of new friends and earn much more I would doing the same thing in Poland. I miss my country and can’t wait to go back. Hopefully I will be in Cracow on 21st September, that makes more than one month to go.
Tomorrow is Friday and I will get my pay + I will spend most of it on drinks in the pub (probably)
I’ve got to go now.
I just had a chat with Atis, my Turkish friend, and I haven’t done a thing. Michaela from Switzerland is comming to take us (that is me, atis and cypiz) to a boat party in a minute. I really want to go, but I have no cash on me. I’m affraid I will end up this day watching some crap series on channel 4.
okay. I will be writing more crap soon
take care
lots of luv

casual fcuk

no no no

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my mum is reading my blog. what shall i do. help. mum, if you read this, please … don’t read it :)

casual fcuk


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just a short message to let you know i am alive and well. the weather in london is dreadfull. the sun is shining at the moment, but you never know what’s it going to be like in a minute. i’m in a good mood and hope that’s going to last. i really miss poland and cracow. can’t wait to go back. but my friends and family are ones i miss the most. ok, it’s time for me to go now. i have to work very very hard (as you all know). :P


casual fcuk :P

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