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Wpisy z okresu: 9.2003

there she comes… there she comes again…
yesterday i woke up just before 8 and realised it was still dark outside of my window overlooking the park which looks like a forest. it is not even october yet – why?! that’s one of the main factors creating my annual depression! don’t they know that up there? why have they done it so quickly this time (probably normal for this climate)? there is nothing that can prevent my pesimism from invading me throuhout… ok, there is one thing but i don’t have it at the moment, or should i say – it’s unavailable. but… who cares about what could save me, now it will only get colder and darker – that is my issue number one, and when i think about the december here, where there is 4 hours of daylight (NOT SUN – DAYLIGHT!!!) from 10 to 2, it makes me wanna **** myself. i have already started an every year repeting selection of my albums on the computer: the pesimistic and sad songs as well as those filled with melanholy and pure sadness are welcome in the playlist. welcome back tori amos, bjork, coldplay, radiohead, lamb and so on… the next step will be watching dancer in the dark again or downloading requiem for a dream because i haven’t taken it with me. we all know it will happen eventually. oh, my god. and those lovely questions running thru my head… what are you doing with your life? why are you waisting it? come back again. damn…

i am going to stockholm and helsinki for 3 days tomorrow so fortunately will have no chance to sit around and think about how miserable my life is…

villa mairea

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today we (me and my classmates + some other people) went to villa mairea, a building designed by alvar aalto – a famous finnish architect. the drive was 2.5 h one way and we stayed there about one hour, but it was really worth it. the house is quite impressive, you can see how aalto was influenced by frank lloyd wright and japanese architecture of 20′s and 30′s. i will add some pictures soon so you can have a look yourselves. the building was finished in 39 and it has some innovative design ideas even for the present day. it looks like a house from the 70′s so it must have been very ahead of it’s times when it was built. that’s me in the back garden :)


i have added some photos to the gallery (there are 121 pictures there) and updated the look of the website (22nd time)…

i am working on a new webdesign for rb, please help me, i don’t know which one to choose. i have made 3 uploaders and have no idea which looks best, if you could comment on it or just choose the best one and write its number in the comments i would be greatful. after all you will be the ones who will have to look at it – if you still visit this website of course ;)



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why is disco music dying? the only 2 artist who are still bouncing around that gerne are kylie and danni minoque (well – the only popular ones). i really really love this type of music (amongst others). it reminds me of the 80′s – the greatest decade of XX century. is there any better music to dance to at parties in nightclubs? well, maybe house music :D but pure disco is just as good. and if you think about it it’s the trendiest music as well cause the 80′s fashion was back some time ago (now we’re witnessing the comeback of 70′s and 60′s in fashion) and there is no band following the 70′s or 60′s so much (i think). anyway… i really really miss the disco music… please come back

music: danni minoque – don’t wanna lose this feeling

oh my god!!!
i just heard that myslovitz (the best polish band i know :D) are going to perform live on the 29th of september in london as part of support for european music awards 2003 held in edinburgh later this year. they will perform alongside skin and travis. this is a way of promoting their english album korova milky bar. the sound of solitude single was out in europe in april this year. myslovitz already had two european music award nominations. the awards will be held on 6 november. 10th year in a row.



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i know you don’t like it. i know the other one was better. i know. i know. i wanted to make it simple for now. i guess you will have to get used to the new look of rb. sorry.
have you heard the song ‚it’s not enough’ by reni jusis? it was introduced in top secret’s clothing label add some time ago in poland. i just realised! quite a nice song. my recommendation for today.

music: reni jusis – it’s not enough

thai rock

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yesterday we had another unexpected party. we were just planning to have a dinner and some pancakes after. well. so we did, but the pancakes anne did were sort of strange and black, maybe that is the way they should look (the brazilian ones) then pi helped and we had some normal looking pancakes with a thai touch :D. he laso brought some thai rock. it is really good!!! but the names of the songs, oh my god! the bands name is silly fools and the album name juicy, and that is where my knowledge finishes cause the songs are in thai :) then the belgians came and the french on their way to the city. as always we had some laughs – especially when anne was still here, and rik of course. i tried some french pastis – quite good alcohool, but it tastes like neoangin or anisis (is that how you spell that) :) and here i am today with a headache :)

music: silly fools – thai1.jpgmusic: silly fools – thai2.jpg

20th september
party at alexandre and cesar’s
go to picture gallery

music: roudoudou – les yeux dans les bleus

hei hei

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moi moi.
minä olen raff. minä olen opiskelija. kuka sinä olet? minä olen kotona. mistä miasta sinä olet? minä olen puolasta. mitä kieltä sinä pohut? pohun puolaa, englantia, ranskaa. minä olen poika. se on tietokone. sataa. paljonko kello un? me menemme kotün kello yhdeksän. missä minä opiskelen? ammattikorkeakoulu. koti on puola. en puhu suomea. en ymmärrä. puhuisitko hitaasti. puhutko englantia?

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